Marketing Top 10 Reasons Why Your YouTube Channel Doesn’t Get More Views

Contrary to what many believe, the main reason channels fail is not because YouTube is oversaturated. So why do YouTubers fail?

 In this article, we’re going to look at the top 10 reasons why YouTube channels fail and what you can do to make sure your channel does not.

  1. Your YouTube Channel is Not Optimized: Make sure you work on updating any information about you or what your Youtube channel is about and the content you will be posting in the About Section so viewers can find you easily if they are searching for a youtube channel that will teach them x, y, and z. Make sure you have added a profile picture, Banner, email address, and a preview video that explains in short what the channel is all about.
  2. Not being consistent: Many YouTubers fail because they upload only a couple of YouTube videos every once in a while. YouTube rewards consistent and active channels so uploading more frequently is surely better for the success of your channel. We do recommend at least twice a week for a better chance of your channel growing faster.
  1. Not creating videos for your audience: Does your video inform, entertain or inspire? Ask yourself: does my video provide real value? Most people that start out on YouTube create videos that they themselves enjoy and expect that they will automatically be liked by other people as well. These videos are entertaining for the creator, but they’re often of no value to the viewer. To create videos for your audience, put yourself in their shoes and look at what it is you can offer in your videos. Learn about your target audience, what they like, struggles they face and make content that speaks to that.
  2. Not having a clear strategy: The number one thing to focus on if you want to grow your channel is having a clear strategy and a consistent publishing schedule. So be sure to know what type of videos you want to make, what their niche is, who are the people that are watching their videos, etc. Also you need to release your videos at the same time and day of the week so that you viewers know exactly which days to tune into your channel for which topics. I.e. We usually post Tuesday and Thursdays at 12:00pm EST every week.
  3. Focusing on only one YouTube skill: Many YouTubers fail because they only improve one of their YouTube skills and think they can get by on that. Practice, but practice more than just the things that you are good at. If you suck at making thumbnails, then practice making better thumbnails, look at what type of thumbnails get good engagement on YouTube and try to imitate them. Remember, you can’t be an expert in everything so don’t be shy to outsource your work and hire a team to help you with video editing and thumbnail creation so you can focus on creating great content.
  4. Not using YouTubes tools effectively: YouTube has a number of built-in tools to help creators reach the right audience and create more engaging videos. Often channels fail when they choose to ignore all of these features. Tools like TubeBuddy help you to optimize every single one of your YouTube videos. Take advantage of the tools available. Use YouTube analytics to see when your viewers leave videos. Look at what thumbnails and titles generate the highest Click-Through Rates, and make sure you fill out fields effectively. 
  5. You are not engaging with your audience: It’s important to reply to every single comment you get on your videos, especially when you’re first starting out. Your viewers will really appreciate you answering their questions and engaging back with them, plus it will be a great indication to YouTube that your video is being liked and interacted with so it will show it to more people.
  6. Giving up: Lack of patience is a BIG reason why many YouTube channels pack up and leave. A big problem for both established and new YouTubers is that they burn themselves out. Look at what you’re capable of, but to include planned breaks and days off. If you come back feeling fatigued and tired, take more time off. Growth can start slow at first but once you get the ball rolling, it can become exponential so be patience, trust the process, and always analyze your analytics and learn and improve from the findings.
  7. Not encouraging people to watch more of your content: Tell them to watch another video on your channel. Tell them to subscribe, or let them know when your next video is coming out.
  8. Your video title is generic: Your title should also communicate why your video is interesting or different from all the other videos on the same topic. Type the topic of your video into the search and look at the titles that come up on the first page. Think of how you can add something unique or interesting to your title so that people are more likely to click and view.

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