Marketing How to Detect Fake Followers on Instagram

There are a lot of FAKE GURU’s out there that claim they grew a lot of xx followers in such a short period of time yet they didn’t do anything differently than most of us.

Most of you that are not talking and breathing social media all day won’t be able to tell the difference so you look at my profile 3 months old, and don’t see 2k followers yet, and look at someone else’s profile that claims they achieved 10k followers in 3 months and right away believe their expertise more.

🚩The sad part is that many of them buy Fake followers & join engagement pods.

How do I know this?

🚩If an account has 10k followers, yet their posts don’t have more than 100 likes per post.

🚩If they hide the likes they get per post that’s again a red flag for me.

🚩If I see few comments that compared to their amount of followers doesn’t add up.

🚩If they do have comments but look like is done on the same day and from the same people.

🚩If the views they have average of 1k-3k views per reel and they never had a viral reel, to justify the followers.

🚩If the account is pretty new, barely has 100 posts that are a red flag for me combined with the above. We all know how hard is to grow on IG when you start from scratch and you are not a celebrity or VIP.

Some of them spend a lot of money on ads to boost their posts to get more views and followers, and this is not a red flag as we should all be able to do this but don’t tell others that you grew XYZ organically. Be honest about it.

🚩Lastly, I put on my detective hat and go all the way to their first posts and track how their engagement has changed. If it has changed normally, so it didn’t go from 10 likes to 1,000 likes in 1 day then I know their growth is explainable, but you would be surprised how many of them fail to fix the original posts or even completely remove them so you can tell when their “organic growth” turned up as you will see the drastic shift 🤪😅 🚩.

Before, you hire a social media or Instagram expert please do your homework and research and don’t fall for” I will grow your followers too to 10k in 3 months organically”.

I have also made a video tutorial on our YouTube Channel on How to Detect Fake Followers Below!