Marketing Everything You Need to Know to Start a Successful YouTube Channel

Do you feel that with all the responsibilities and tasks you already have on your plate, there is no time or energy left to start a YouTube channel?

Don’t worry, because I have felt the same. But after helping many clients grow their YouTube channels and seeing their successes I realized the importance that YouTube will have on my business as well. It is not something you can attain for your short-term goals but if done right and consistently it will pay off for your long-term goals of having passive income.

So I gathered all my energies and decided to post my first video on YouTube. It turned out to be a success.

Now I have posted every week regularly since I started my YouTube channel over 2 months ago and I’ve never been more motivated to help my community.

YouTube presents a fantastic opportunity for businesses to establish brand recognition and authority and also it helps build trust and credibility with your market.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons through my client’s successes and failures and my owns now I want to share them with you so you can learn.

Below I’ve listed my top 3 videos on how to grow a YouTube channel and what mistakes to avoid.

Hope you’ll enjoy the videos and if you need help starting or growing your youtube channel, book a free coaching session here.

If you have a question, about any of the videos comment on the video and we will respond or make a video tutorial about it.