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How To Customize Your Posts For Each Social Media Account Using Publer? Best Social Media Management Tool

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we have used different social media management tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and more to manage our social media accounts and those of our clients.

Last year we decided to focus and keep only one tool that had the most features and was affordable for us and our clients to manage.

Note: We are not paid by Publer to write this Blog. We just wanted to share more about why we as an agency chose Publer as the best social media management tool for our business.

With so many social networks out there, each having its own characteristics and audience, can you imagine how tough it is for businesses, social media managers, and advertising agents to not only maintain an online presence but an effective one?

Tweets need to be short and you can only add up to four photos.

Facebook posts on the other hand can be long and have more photos.

Linkedin updates need to look professional.

Google my business parts can only have one photo.

But when there’s a tool like Publer, any social media manager can avoid the headaches of stressing out to scheduling the posts. Publer is a virtual social media superhero that lets you collaborate, schedule & analyze your posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business & YouTube from the same spot.

(NOTE: We have Provided all Video Tutorials you will need to use Publer and Manage Better your Social Media Accounts. YouTube LInks Below)

Forget having to log in to each platform! Forget having to upload your photos several times or copy and paste your post to each platform one by one!

Sign Up first for a FREE Publer Account and connect all your social media accounts.

When you create a post, you can choose which social media platform to publish it to.

You can then modify your post for each social network you have selected in easy steps. Check out the Video Tutorials Below!

You can get rid of some text and some photos for Twitter, add more photos for Facebook, remove the emojis for LinkedIn if you need to, add a call to action button for Google My Business.

All from the same spot! No more copy-pasting! No more tabs open! No more wasting time!


Ways of Posting and Scheduling with Publer! Best Social Media Management Tool!

How to customize your posts for each Social Media Account using Publer? Social Media Management Tool!

How to Schedule a Post using PUBLER? Social Media Management Tool!

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