Grow your followers and turn them into paid long-term clients!

This new and improved training on Social Media and Sales will help give your business a new shape, build a bridge of trust with your current customers, and also attract new customers.

You’re in the right place at the right moment because you Want to…

✓ Grow your social media presence on FB/IG and community around your brand

✓ Attract and convert your target followers into paid clients because they can’t see how you can help them

✓ Turn your DMs and Meeting conversations into sales

Here’s the truth:

Building a business, being a coach, from SCRATCH, and trying to grow it every month is HARD.

Not every business owner is a social media or a sales specialist. They might be good at what they do or have great products to sell, but they lack the missing puzzles of the strategy that goes with building a brand, community, and understanding how sales work.

What if you could…

Have a step-by-step, easy-to-understand program to walk you through everything you need to start AND grow your business?

So you can finally:

✓ Be recognized as a Subject Expert or have people talk about your products

✓ Grow your community organically without using paid ads

✓ Grow your engagement from your social media posts

✓ Turn Followers/Connections into Paid Clients

Join our 4-day training, which will be step by step and teach you about launching and expanding a successful business.

The training will be divided into 4 sessions of 1 hour each, held on 4 different days over 1 month.



(100 minutes)

The training will start by learning all the essential strategies that will make you a better salesperson. Through these strategies, after training, you will be able to sell any type of product or service to anyone.



(100 minutes)

Topics included:

  • Instagram algorithm
  • Instagram account optimization
  • Find the target audience
  • Creating a valuable post that fits in perfectly with your business.
  • Instagram story highlights.
  • How to create an Instagram post to reach a wider organic audience?




(100 minutes)

Topics included:

  • Optimize your Facebook account
  • Facebook algorithm and how to reach the maximum audience through your posts?
  • How to “use” different Facebook groups to increase your sales?
  • Creating the right Facebook post for organic growth.
  • How to grow your community & turn them Into Paid clients?



(100 minutes)

The final day of training will focus on how to increase sales and how to turn your potential customers into real customers. We will show you different sales strategies and tactics that are proven successful.

If you are ready to be part of this dynamic training that will change the way you do business, then you just need a click on the link below. 👇🏻

The training will start __. Even if you do not watch it Live, you will have recorded videos that you can watch at any time and ask questions in the group chat we will create on Whatsapp.


Every participant joining the training, will receive a Free Instagram Growth Guide, FREE Facebook Growth Guide, "80 FREE Questions to Ask on Social Media" Guide to spike your engagement, 80 Ways To Get Clients Guide, and 20 Canva templates you can customize with your branding. ($250 Value)




Marsilda Bialczak is a social media and digital marketing consultant and coach, and the founder of Expand2Market, a digital marketing agency that helps small to medium businesses go to market, expand in new niches, and turn their leads into sales with her sales and digital marketing coaching and a team to support them every step of the way with all their marketing needs.

Marsilda has 7+ years of sales experience in the European and U.S. market and 8+ years of Marketing & Social Media experience where she has helped companies from a variety of industries to go to market, increase their brand awareness, grow their lead generation, SEO, social media presence, and turn their leads into long term customers.

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