Instagram Growth Guide

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LinkedIn is one of the hottest social media platforms where you can network with professionals in your industry, your target audience, and more. 

The ultimate guide to growing organically on Instagram.

This guide features 25 specific strategies to help anyone get more visible with Instagram, even if you have less than 1000 followers. It shows step by step everything you need to know about Instagram, starting with optimization, story, story highlights, shareable content.

What you will learn in this Guide?

➡️ Instagram Algorithm
➡️ How to get more engagement in your stories and organic views?
➡️ How to write the perfect Caption?
➡️ How to optimize your IG and BIO?
➡️ What hashtags to use?
➡️ Tips on how to have more followers/engagement?

Marsilda Bialczak
, is a social media and digital marketing consultant and coach, and the founder of Expand2Market, a digital marketing agency that helps small to medium businesses go to market, expand in new niches, and turn their leads into sales with her sales and digital marketing coaching and a team to support them every step of the way with all their marketing needs. 

Marsilda has +7 years of sales experience in the European and U.S. market and +8 years of Marketing & Social Media experience where she has helped companies from a variety of industries to go to market, increase their brand awareness, grow their lead generation, SEO, social media presence, and turn their leads into long term customers.

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