‘’Intercoin’’, A Marketing Success Story YouTube and Social Media Case Study

‘’More than doubled the number of qualified inquiries via our website without any paid ad’’ – Greg Magarshak, Founder of Intercoin    



Intercoin is a global currency platform that enables communities around the world to issue and manage their own currency to circulate among their local population.
Intercoin enables fintech innovation on the local community level, leading to stronger communities, greater sustainability, less poverty, and more productivity. Also it picks up where BTC and ETH left off, building a platform that's not just secure, but scalable too.


Intercoin was looking to develop an online marketing strategy that would grow their Community Forum and have an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube so more people could learn about their technology.
They also wanted to create a friendly environment to teach others more on topics such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and so on.

Some of their goals were to:

  • Position Intercoin as the most reliable global currency platform all over the world.
  • Achieve strong rankings in organic search results for key search terms
  • Drive more traffic to the website and community forum
  • Modernise the social media accounts look and feel
Intercoin ’s Problems
  • Posting on social media was rarely and inconsistent
  • Short descriptions with no keywords on YouTube
  • Low prompting engagement
  • Small community participation on the website and their community forum
How were the objectives achieved?
  • Posting 3 times a week consistently on the same days and times on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • We created and helped grow a Telegram Community for investors or others to join, learn more about Intercoin’s technology, ask questions, and join conversations.
  • We organized the posts into 3 categories:
    • Intercoin’s Technology,
    • Interview with Guest Speakers or Trainings for crypto beginners
    • Article with an Open Discussion to bring people to the Forum
    • Took part in influencers partnerships

Key Results

  • Intercoin got 32k+ views in total and 345+ Subscribers Organically

Intercoin Before (Jan,2020 - August, 2020)


Intercoin After (Jan, 2021 - August, 2021)  

  • Web lead volume doubled in less than 3 months organically

Intercoin’s Monthly Website Traffic on Average Before


Intercoin’s Monthly Website Traffic on Average After